A Bike Trip & Fundraiser for Christian Peacemaker Teams

Hi friends and family!

It’s been awhile since I’ve given you an update, and am enthused to share with you an upcoming journey of mine:

I am currently at Manchester University as a junior and am in the peace studies department having all sorts of fun learning and experiencing new things! Possibilities for after graduation are still undetermined, but I like the ideas of continuing onto graduate school, and maybe working with Christian Peacemaker Teams as well. I am also doing a bit of soul searching for interests of mine that would fill an occupation of interest.

Most of you know that I enjoy staying active in a variety of ways, and have been getting more and more into bicycling. I went to Palestine in December for two weeks as part of a delegation with Christian Peacemaker Teams. While in Palestine for only two weeks, I feel as though my knowledge in international politics and peace and justice work has multiplied tenfold. What I experienced with a small group of now great friends and mentors was absolutely astounding, seeing occupation and suffering on a massive scale first hand.

I cannot passively stand by and let our sisters and brothers through Christ in Palestine suffer without doing anything to help. When I was in Palestine I met a man named David and we spent a lot of time together, did a lot of talking. We became friends and when we returned home kept in touch. On top of this, we are both cyclists.

A couple of months ago we were talking and decided to do something that is a little out there. We wanted to raise some money to support CPT and non violence, something we both believe in strongly. So, next May we are going to embark on a 50 day bicycle journey around the country. Specifically we are going to do 50 centuries (a ride of 100 miles) in 50 consecutive days in all 50 states. No breaks, no days off. The goal is to raise $100,000 for organizations committed to non violence and also create awareness about non violence.

As you can imagine, this is going to be quite a bit of work. Physically demanding and logistically challenging. We are in the process of planning the expedition and securing sponsors to help with the operational costs. Every single day has to be planned in advance and our entire route mapped out. Lodging has to be arranged for each night and of course we have to get from one state to the next after each days ride. We’re using the term “linear efficiency” to describe the process of riding 100 miles each day and getting from one ending point to the next starting point.

Currently, we are looking for sponsors to help fund the trip and overall, raise more money for Christian Peacemaker Teams. We’ll be offering different benefits for each of the sponsorship levels. This will include everything from social media mentions up to including company information and links on our website. There’s a couple of big ticket items that we need. One of those is the costs associated with our support van. Anyone who participates in that will get their logo on the side of the van, a very prominent position on our website and logo on our riding jerseys. It won’t be NASCAR but they’ll get mentions at every possible opportunity.

In addition, we are looking for volunteers to help out with driving the support van. Our preference would be to find one or two people who could commit to the entire 48 days we’ll be in the lower 48 states but if someone can commit to a couple of weeks here and there that would be great. This is ultimately a team effort and the drivers are just as important to the success of the expedition as David and I. We know that there will be issues out there that have to be dealt with – mechanical breakdowns, weather, press – and a host of other things. The drivers will also have to deal with two extremely fatigued bicycle riders.

Our website is up and operational. It’s a work in progress and David is still finishing it up. Take a look if you want – www.bikingforpeace.org Below you will find a template that includes sponsorship opportunities for our ride and fundraiser If you would like to get involved in that way.

If you want to be involved in some way please let me know. And feel free to forward this on to your friends.

With much love and peace,

Michael Himlie

Sponsorship Opportunities For BikingForPeace


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