An Upcoming Journey

Hello great friends! I am excited to inform you of my decision and acceptance to partake in a Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation in December to Palestine and Israel! As part of this delegation, we are required to fundraise our way on this training delegation prior to our training in the states. Would you consider taking a few minutes to give to this ministry and help me launch the next step in my life, in active peace and justice work? You can easily donate online at:
Remember, anything you donate will go to the general organization unless specified by stating that the amount donated is to go towards the ministry of Michael Himlie on the Palestine/Israel delegation this December.

Checks should be made to Christian Peacemaker Teams and can be sent to my home address at: 225 3RD ST SW Harmony, MN 55939

To learn more about Christian Peacemaker Teams, go to:

Thank you all for your continues support in my life! You are so important to me, and I hope you can help support me in this next step of my life, in any way you can!



5 thoughts on “An Upcoming Journey

  1. Cindy Kane

    Michael~ This looks great! Tell us more. What are the people doing in the picture. Are you finished with BVS? Is CPT still sponsored by Mennonite, COB, and Friends? Keep up the great ministry.
    Cindy and Family

  2. michaelhimlie Post author

    Sure, this picture is taken at National Youth Conference 2014. We are presenting pictures of violence as the youth go into the morning worship service. When the youth go to the evening worship service, we were holding picture of nonviolent action towards these kinds of violence next to the pictures you see here.

    My BVS term will come to an end in mid-October. At that time I will take a train back to Minnesota, visiting many friends and volunteers along the way. CPT still is sponsored by the Mennonites, Friends, and Church of the. Brethren together. Once home, I will begin getting ready for this training delegation to Palestine/Israel in December. Then hopefully off to college! (Not sure where yet though)

    Thank you for the questions Cindy, hope this answers them sufficiently!



  3. Barb Burke

    Dear Michael, We cannot even begin to tell you the concerns we have for you to make this trip. This area of the world you are planning on going to is so dangerous right now and the threat of terrorism and Inis (sp?) is so scary. We would really like you to rethink this trip and plan a trip right here in the United States where it is much safer and you will still be doing your work for God. Going to those countries now is not a good idea and we feel that you will be in so much more danger than your work would ever allow you to do. There has been no many capturing of Americans and British who they hate so much. I hope our message helps you to make a decision different than this one. That is why we will not/cannot contribute to this cause. We would gladly contribute to a much safer area for you to continue God’s work. Love, Steve and Barb

  4. michaelhimlie Post author

    Hello Barb and Steve,

    I understand your concern in my decision to be a part of this delegation and work with the organization Christian Peacemaker Teams as an important part of my life, and I thank you for that. However, I feel that two deaths of American reporters known to the American people is incomparable to thousands of deaths of Palestinians, not known to the American people. I cannot promise you my safety, but I can promise you that my work in peacemaking both nationally and internationally is needed, no one else will do what Michael Himlie has been called to do. My efforts are to take peacemaking as seriously as America convinces soldiers to take war and lives of innocent people. With this being said, the Middle East is reletively very safe for Americans, and much safer than areas in which I hope to work with in the future. Know that my parents, your brother, would not allow me to go to these places if they did trust my judgement and care for humanity.

    In love and peace,


  5. michaelhimlie Post author

    This may not make the acceptance of my work any easier. But, if you would like further trust worthy materials from a more worldly view, I would be happy to make them available!


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