A Unicorns Tale

Tonight I would like to share a story about a unicorn named Markie.

You see, Markie wasn’t just any kind of unicorn. Markie was a unicorn, even before becoming a peace activist, lived an extraordinary life in a land of violence and hate. When Markie was found on the side of the road by a good friend of mine, Rick Polhamus, he decided to keep him. Rick is a current CPT’er (Christian Peacemaker Teams) and has a life story that everyone should hear if they get the chance! When Rick found Markie, he was working with CPT in Palestine, and thought that Markie might come in handy one day, maybe even every day.

Surprise! One day. . . Rick was walking in Hebron, and and came across a check point that an Israeli soldier had closed and would not let school children return from school and back to their families. Rick was talking with the Israeli soldier, trying to convince him to let the Palestinian school children through the check point and get back to their families. The Israeli soldier refused and Rick was getting pretty frustrated. Rick pulled out Markie and thought this may be a good time to let Markie try and convince the soldier. Rick put Markie on his soldier and be pagan talking to him about how crazy it was that this man was not letting these kids get back to their families. At one point, Rick said that Markie wanted to talk to the soldier, trying to give him the unicorn. Soon after Rick started laughing this children where laughing uncontrollably, and even the Israeli soldier began to laugh. This is a crazy idea to many of us, but to Rick, it was a serious method to break the tensions of violence and hate and a simple act to get the Palestinian children home safetly.

So there you have it, a story of a true peace activist saving lives, even today!
Didn’t believe me that a unicorn could save lives did you? 🙂

While at National Youth Conference in Colorado, I was given the privilege to hang out with Markie and introduce him to hundreds of youth throughout the week. It is true, that Markie was not my side kick on my shoulder, but rather, me being lucky enough to be his side kick.

I hope you all have the chance to meet Markie at some time and hear Ricks story as that is usually who he travels with. So the next time you see a stuffed unicorn, know that it may not be just any ordinary unicorn, but a unicorn that has saved many lives in a world where many Americans dare not step a foot in yet maybe even know about.

With peace like a unicorn,





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