The Search for a Different Way

It has come to my realization that many people (in particularly entering BVS) often are on a search for a different way. Me? Well I guess I thought this was just another part of a life journey. It seems reasonable for us to be happy and content but look for a new light, an alternative to the day-to-day routine that we often find ourselves in.

Along the same lines, I have found the lifestyle of New Community Project to be something that I have been looking for for a while now and have found myself in it at the appropriate time in my life. Is this the answer to a different way of living that I did not even know I was looking for? And if so, would I have noticed this as the answer to the search if I had actually been looking for it, or would I have been expecting something bigger and more obvious? Perhaps expecting 10 white horses rather than a donkey?

However, the search could be found anywhere in my life, BVS, college, CPT, seminary, or some crazy and spontaneous hiking or biking trip. Do we often feel that something or someone is missing in our lives and how do we answer the desire for a new way of life throughout the searching process?

Yours truly, God’s completely,



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