May we all be tickled!

I am happy to share with you that my new project placement, New Community Project, is so much fun I am unsure what to do with all the extra! Here at New Community Project, we strive for a more non-violent community and overall, world. What a great base to have for an organization!

Earlier this last week, we, at one of the community houses were having a short worship and prayer gathering early in the morning before out morning meeting. This can include singing, praying, silence, bell ringing, and what we like to call ‘readings of the great’. We have many books that are quite useful in short prayer gatherings and like to pass them out so that we can take time to read aloud a favorite splotch we come across randomly.

As I was looking through a book with some holy mischief running through my head early that morning, I couldn’t pass up a piece that I came across, it goes like this:

“How did those priests ever get so serious and preach all that gloom?

I don’t think God tickled them yet.

Beloved — hurry.”

-St. Teresa of Avila

As I read this short piece with a glimmer in my eye yet soft silence of the early morning meditation practice, my smile grew bigger. Within a couple seconds the room was hysterical and filled with laughter. This event added a good vibe to our enjoyment of meditation and group prayer that morning and we all came together even closer for it. For that, I am thankful.

On another great note, I am excited to share with you an article written by a good friend, Jon Overton, in the near future. Jon is a college student in Iowa and writes for the Iowa Peace Network. I am thrilled to see what this article will look like after having such a great conversation with him about the peace movements of today.

I will respectfully share this article as soon as it comes out in the next few days with you all, and may we all be tickled!

With joys and concerns,



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