A thought on the violence in Nigeria

A thought on the violence in Nigeria, where our sisters and brothers suffer.

“Michael, that is when we engage in the act of praying and fasting calling on the Holy Spirit to lead us. I believe so sincerely in this Michael and I know that together we can act in a prophetic, positive, loving way in solidarity with God’s children, a family in which we are a part to bring peace. In the mean time, write your thoughts and share them with others, and most of all, let the manner of your living allow the light of Christ to shine in your every word and deed. Thanks Michael for writing. I’ll be praying for you too.”

I wanted to share this quick this morning as I have not had a chance to write lately. This has given me the energy and meaning to write again, thank you Stan.

Although my head and heart ache for the people of Nigeria and their suffering, I have come to realize that the faith of these people are stronger than we will ever know. Some nights I dream about being persecuted for my faith just as a reassurance that my faith is still real, or maybe that it ever was. But every morning, I wake up in America, where only the best can be persecuted for their faith by picking up the cross, the responsibility we have as Americans to do more with the resources we are buried in, how I strive to be like them.

With the excitement to write again soon,



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