Joshua’s Great Obedience

This is an attempt at a little bit of creative writing. It is not to be perceived as if I do not see Moses as a great Biblical leader nor that I do not consider Moses and his relationship with God anything less than phenomenally influential or impacting.

The scripture can be found in Exodus 17:9
“Moses said to Joshua, “Pick out some men to go and fight the Amalekites tomorrow. I will stand on top of the hill holding the stick that God told me to carry.”” GNT

A weird verse to pick out for any sort of writing right? Well as I read the passage I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter!
I will go hold a stick? What kind of reassurance is that? Even if God did tell him to carry it, it’s a stick isn’t it? Especially to Joshua who is going out to fight.
Moses might as well tell Joshua to go fight while he takes a nap. If I were Joshua my response would not be to obey but rather say something like, “hey Moses, want me to round up my strongest men to help you with that stick?” or “don’t poke an eye out!” But that is probably why I was not chosen to be a leader under the authority of Moses. My sense of humor in such a time would have marched me right to my execution under the Islrealites rule. Invite your friends everyone!

Later in the passage we are told that while Moses is on the mountain looking down at the battle that the battle is actually controlled by Moses. It is written “As long as Moses held up his arms, the Isrealites won, but when he put his arms down, the Amalekites started winning.” Once again, a simple act from Moses leads to hysterical laughter from the reader (yours truly). My laughter grew as I imagined the origins of “the wave” (commonly seen at sporting events) starting here. I suppose it’s a possibility!

After the Isrealites had won the battle the Lord said to Moses, “Write an account of this victory, so that it will be remembered.” That is a direct quote from God in the Good News translation but in my own translation I picture Moses begin to write as God’s voice is heard one more time saying, “oh, and Moses, don’t forget about the stick!”

I am glad I had the chance to put the humor I found in this passage into words.
If you find anything else humorous in this passage I’m sure we would all love to hear!

In the love found in peace, love and pogo-sticks,



2 thoughts on “Joshua’s Great Obedience

  1. Barbara Wise Lewczak

    Michael I loved this as well your unique sense of humor comes though so clearly. I don’t know if you are aware that I am the Moderator Elect for the District for District Conference 2015 and the them I am toying with is “Joy, Laughter, and Humor.” I am working on a meditation right now about “the Smiling Jesus.” Keep you wonderful post coming! Are you still in the northeast or will you be going to Ill? Have a Blessed Advent and Christmas, love You!

  2. michaelhimlie Post author

    Ha yes I had fun with it just being creative! Oh my, congratulations! I like the theme, or something along the lines however you decide to title it and with what sort of great backgrounds! I am now in Tome River, New Jersey, right on the coast and the project I am leading is out on an island so it is very exciting! BDM just opened another site in New Jersey so after Christmas I will be in New Jersey but there is some possibilities that I may be in Oklahoma or Colorado if projects are of interest there. I hope you have a great Christmas as well! Many prayers!


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