“Eight hundred billion dollars a year for weapons of mass destruction.”

 A note about the imbalance of spending by the United States, in a theological reflection given by Connie Semy Mella. She is an ordained elder from the Philippines Central Conference of the United Methodist Church, and also noted that when thousands of children die every day from starvation worldwide, Americans spend millions on things like ice cream and dog food.

This quote comes from the World Council of Churches 10th Assembly going on in Busan currently. 

800,000,000,000 (eight hundred billion) is a great deal of money in which is hard for me to accept goes into devices solely designed to take human life. it is surprising that we are conflicted with the possibilities of over population. I would assume with such a massive budget set aside for killing that there would be a struggle for human survival and our use of drones would have taken over by now leaving the human race quite literally “in the dust”. I question myself wondering if the only reason we are still here is because of some hierarchical control who has found a legitimate reason for appointing humans as the caretakers of such a fragile massive planet that is so fortunate to even have life forms unlike the hundreds of thousands that are known to be inhabited. 

As a young man who is looking for an alternative way to decrease the struggle that the planet Earth endures with every start of an engine, puncture of a bullet, drop of misused water, and simple misunderstanding that leads to a not so simple affect from said cause is very excitedly coming along fantastically. I am continuing to understand the importance one’s life has on the world around us, that maybe, just maybe, we are meant to be so much more than what we picture ourselves to be.

This leads to another quote that has made me think spontaneously of ways that you and I can improve the understanding of people with opposite views than ourselves. This quote comes from a government paid soldier, guard, or similar. He is speaking to a prisoner who is in for the only reason that he cannot consciously accept himself if he were to take another’s life, sounds pretty reasonable to me. The guard says something like this: “War is money and money is what makes the world go ’round, the sooner you figure that out the sooner you will fit in with the rest of us.” I find myself thinking about this a lot. Minutes become hours, hours to days, days to weeks, and I am still entertained with this quote. When I was younger I couldn’t help but think of the least Christlike response that would pop out of my mouth to continue the cycle of hate. As I grew and expanded, so did this quote. I began to feel bad for the guard, it sounds like he is conflicted with the endless war from his point of view. That if we give the government what it wants maybe this hate will come to an end. I also felt the need to fill in the empty space of misunderstanding between the guard and the prisoner. They are so far apart from each other that understanding and reasoning are never even thought of. 

What would have happened if one of them had the grace to say one kind word to the other? This would have proven that even though their differences are wider than a galaxy apart from each other that it is still possible to find a meeting ground of understanding. As we all continue on the road to a more peaceful society I hope that we can find a way to express our individual understanding of peace to someone who needs it. To someone who may be a complete stranger or a family member. To someone who knows about the great glory of God or someone who has no idea what amazing possibilities God has in store for them. To someone who may not even speak the same verbal language but knows how important and needed a hug is for them. To whoever it is that needs the reassurance of peace, may they find it in everything we do.

In praises of happiness and laughter,



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