Remember To Color OUTSIDE The Lines

The 2 photos taken in the rocky background is from a nearby state park that our unit went to a couple days before we all left for our project placement sites. As many of us describe it, it is like releasing a bunch of animals in to the wild, five year olds in to a candy shop, etc. After days of very intriguing yet very long sessions, we were ready to burn off energy that we have been saving up for quite a while. The state park didn’t know what happened. It was as as if we were giraffes on a nice rink trying to do yoga! Needless to say, we were all very happy to have gotten to spend time with the people we have gotten to know oh so well. Image

Shortly after orientation ended, I was sent up to New York with a couple from the Black Rock CoB (Church of the Brethren) and a group from North Manchester, Indiana. This week was intended for me to get a feel for what it will be like every week as a project leader. Wow! I have so much to look forward to! Not only are you working with your other project leaders, the community, and the homeowners but on top of all that you are working with a Brethren district and congregation groups every week! I got to know our group so well in just one week, it is hard to think that I will have the chance to extend those connections for an entire year!Image

Christmas!!! While playing games, making conversation, and raiding the snack cupboard, we got caught in the middle of a Christmas card frenzi! Although it was a frightening experience indeed we decided to make the most of it! supposedly they were taking staff pictures for a Christmas calandra! They asked if we would like our picture taken and of corse, the super stars that we are, we weren’t going to deny the “paparazzi” there one time for fame! Is anyone else thinking front cover calander photo!?Image

For the moment I am spending my time with a few other volunteers in New Windsor enjoying the beautiful fall colors and each others company for fun activities, games, adventures, intriguing conversations, community and campus involvement, our newly celebrated tea time! And of course Halloween which is quickly arriving! So far we have a 40’s, power to the women costume, a dr. Who costume, some sort of techy, crazy costume, and the costume that I will attempt to wear! (drum roll please). A bumble costume which is meant mostly for a three year old or so. It may take some finagling to fit in to it and some extra clothes along with it but I hope to have pictures to share. (If anyone is brave enough to associate themselves with me after seeing such a picture!) Image

As we continue to contemplate the questions of life and so on and so forth, there are discoveries that are made. We have self discoveries, discoveries of adventure, self understanding, our calling, and our yearning for a brighter future. We long for an understanding of peace and simplicity within our own lives as well as the lives around us. If, and only if we want it, we seem to find  what may seem to be an alternate reality, a whole new way of looking at life, and humble ways to change the world. 

This is a very large topic to cover and we will have to come back to it some time. A topic which indeed needs to be discussed outside the lines. This topic has proved to be an important one to me just recently and is an incredible one to discuss. If ever anyone has the topic of heavenly confusion on your mind I would love to talk about it!


Just recently I was asked to write a short description of myself for the Brethren Disaster Ministries updates. What I wrote surprised myself! It seems appropriate to share with you how I see myself in the mirror at this point in time:

Hello, Hello Fellow Brothers and Sisters! My name is Michael Himlie from Harmony, Minnesota. Root River, CoB is my home church and Camp Pine Lake is where I grew in faith and began to share the Word. I attended McPherson College for one year, studying religion and philosophy. While at McPherson I had the incredible experience of practicing free ministry at the Buckeye, CoB as a part-time minister for a semester. I love to play sports, spend time in nature, travel, and go on crazy adventures!


I am currently serving in BVS with Brethren Disaster Ministries where I hope to meet many new friends and connect with old friends while we humbly serve others side by side. After college I hope to continue my education in seminary, being engulfed in peace studies and youth and outdoor ministry. Remember to always color outside the lines!




Michael Himlie








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