What can we do?

After a fun filled Labor Day weekend at Pine Lake with music, friends, family, games, worship, discussions, and more I am back in a world that is filled with conflict. The more we listen to the press releases of the conflict the less we understand, the more time we spend in solitude and prayer the more we realize what it is that we are truely not understanding. A troubling situation for a person of peace.

Discerning what seems to be a conflict inside a conflict I am left with an email from the Brethren Newsline, Stan Noffsinger and his words offer me a bit of comfort. This is the silver lining in the blue skies of Minnesota, so far away from the black clouds of Syria that I have been looking for.

I will pass the words of our general secretary on as well as many links I have found useful to attempt to understand what it is that we are conflicted with.

May the true spirit of peace flow through your blood and in every word you speak,




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